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 Trip insurance

Trip insurance is inexpensive, some say affordable insurance for corporations, businesses, students, families, missionaries and foreigners traveling outside their own country. Trip insurance offers free online quoting that gives you trip insurance inexpensively and free quotes .

Imagine having a trip insurance friend who speaks virtually every language and who is experienced enough to understand trip insurance for your particular situation. Imagine having a trip insurance friend who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll free. Visualize a trip insurance friend who will assist you or your clients with emergency travel arrangements, passports, credit cards, airline tickets, lost luggage, embassy or consulate referrals. This trip insurance friend will receive or transmit emergency messages to your client's family or their employer. This trip insurance friend will assist your clients with the replacement of lost or damaged prescription medication. Imagine having a trip insurance friend who will offer referrals to a care facility and even schedule appointments. What if you had a trip insurance friend that would provide medical professionals to communicate with your clients doctor's at home, and who would communicate with there family member's 24 hours a day. What if this trip insurance friend was able to provide for transfer of funds and give your clients legal referrals?

We welcome trip insurance missionary groups and corporate group travelers.  Special discounted rates are available!

Protect your investment. Reduce your liability - BUT Ė I  ALREADY HAVE GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL MEDICAL SO WHAT DO I NEED THIS trip insurance FOR?? Be prepared to face these occurrences in a foreign land.

1.       Pay all charges plus extras before leaving the country and donít expect to pay reasonable and customary charges for services.

2.       Can you speak the foreign language?

3.       Your current coverage is paid in U. S. dollars, not foreign currency-with the exchange rate you could owe more.

4.       If you have questions your current coverage home office does not have office hours that match foreign time zones.

5.       Who is going to pay for relatives to fly to your bedside or you to fly to theirs ?

6.       Your medicare  plan , PFFS,HMO or PPO  plan  either will not pay for all your charges or will pay a reduced amount since foreign charges are not in their reasonable and customary range. You make up the difference before you leave the country.

7.       If you have a extended hospital stay will you be in the best hospital available or the cheaper one because you have no coverage?

8.       Returning to the USA  or your homeland requires after a sickness or accidental injury  special planning and transportation arrangements, which requires greater expenses.

9.       Did you know that most all foreign countries charge a large amount of money to release a body , in case of death ?

   Having a separate trip insurance policy takes care of all these doubts since they specialize in these areas. You have a 24/7/365  trip insurance specialist on your side  that knows how to handle whatever comes up from this specialized trip insurance area.

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